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Maybe the search will help you if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away.

Yes, definitely.
The ACUS M1 is perfect for you if you’re not sure exactly what kind of machine you need.

When you receive the M1, it is preset to a common setting that already covers a large number of styles and applications. So you can try it out first and then work your way up to your desired setting. Whether stroke, needle depth, frequency (voltage) or motor type – you can change everything on the M1 yourself, so that you can buy it with a clear conscience and later adjust it exactly as you need it when you are more experienced.

You can’t go wrong with the ACUS M1. With other manufacturers, you have to know exactly what your machine has to be able to do. With us, on the other hand, you can adjust all the parameters of your machine at any time.

The ACUS M1 is the first and only machine on the market that allows you to adjust all the essential machine features yourself at any time. You can change the stroke at any time, whereby the three strokes 3.0, 3.7 and 4.5 mm are already included in the scope of delivery. Of course, you can also change the frequency (some also call it voltage) and the needle depth.

But what makes our machine truly unique, and what is an absolute world first, is the ability to change the motor type at any time in seconds. We use special control algorithms to adjust the motor so that it feels like a small sensitive brushed DC motor or like a big powerful brushless motor. Between these two extremes, there are several levels you can try out as well.

In addition, our machine is the first and only machine on the market that offers you the possibility to clean it from the inside. We know that there are needles on the market that do not have a built-in seal, so it can happen that paint runs into your machine. With the M1 this is no problem. Just unscrew and wipe and within 30 seconds you have a hygienic machine again.

We currently ship to the following countries:
All EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Japan

We are always striving to make our tattoo machines available to everyone in the world. However, this is not always easy, and many hurdles have to be overcome. All requirements must be met for transport, because our machines, which are delivered with Li-ion batteries, count as dangerous goods, for which special regulations exist and precautions must be taken. In addition, there are restrictions on products from abroad in many countries. This means that special market access requirements often have to be met.

The easiest way to get an ACUS M1 is to contact a friend who lives in a country we already supply. They can then buy the machine for you and send it to you privately. Shipments sent privately as gifts are often easier to get through customs than commercial shipments. However, this way is very uncertain and may not work out as desired for many reasons, which is why we do not recommend it.

Unfortunately, we only have a very limited contingent of test machines, all of which are in use by our testers.

If you are near Berlin, we can arrange a meeting where we can introduce you to the ACUS M1.

Otherwise, there is still the possibility to visit us at conventions. We plan to go to the conventions in Frankfurt, Dortmund, Berlin and Brussels in 2023.

It really makes us very happy when we can inspire artists for the M1.

We are a young start-up company, which consists of just the two of us – Olli and Helge. We have taken a huge loan for the development of the ACUS M1, which means the ruin of our personal existences if the project should fail. Please understand that in the beginning we can’t afford to give away so many machines or to sign sponsorship contracts. We would be very happy if you support us and buy a machine.

At the moment we are not convinced by Disposable grips. They create a large amount of plastic waste that is avoidable. Therefore, the grip and the complete housing of the ACUS M1 are designed to be disassembled and disinfected, making disposable grips unnecessary.

Furthermore, a disposable grip worsens the handling of the machine, since the center of gravity shifts to the rear due to the different masses of aluminum grip and disposable grip.

Due to the high requirements for shipping lithium batteries, we do not sell the batteries separately.
Please try to buy the batteries from a local online retailer.

If you can’t find anything on Google, you can look here. There you will find the official distributors.

This is the authorized distributor in the USA, for example.

We recommend the following batteries from Keeppower:

  • P1850j2 (2000mAh)
  • P1850C2 (2000mAh)
  • P1850C3 (2300mAh)

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